Find Out What Dentists Can Do for You

Find Out What Dentists Can Do for You

7 Things to Remember Before You Begin Invisalign Treatment

Jackson Sims

Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments because it is a discreet and convenient way to straighten your teeth. But before you begin your treatment, prepare ahead for the changes you will need to make to your lifestyle.

Remember the following ten things before you begin your course of Invisalign treatment.

1. You'll need to wear each aligner for a set amount of time

During Invisalign treatment, most patients progress through as many as 30 Invisalign aligners. Each aligner will move your teeth a small amount in the desired direction. But to ensure that each aligner achieves its set target, you'll need to wear your aligners for the time set by your dentist each day – usually 22 hours.  

2. Oral hygiene will become even more important than usual

Since bacteria can build up on Invisalign aligners, you'll need to clean your aligners as well as your teeth before bed each night. And to prevent staining from foods, you'll also need to get used to cleaning your teeth after every meal.

3. Invisalign aligners are fragile

Invisalign aligners are made of soft plastic, which means they are fragile. So while not wearing your aligners, you'll need to keep them sealed away in a container that you can carry with you.

4. You may need to practice speaking with your first aligner

For some patients, speaking clearly might be a little difficult at first. But with practice, you can quickly learn how to speak clearly while wearing your aligners.

5. You may need to adjust your diet

Dark coloured foods and drinks can stain Invisalign aligners. A simple way to prevent staining is to adjust your diet to exclude foods and drinks that are rich in staining molecules, such as coffee and ketchup.

6. Your aligners may come with attachments

In some cases, orthodontists use small tooth-coloured attachments to aid in the movement of your teeth. Although these attachments will be on your teeth, they are almost invisible since they are tooth coloured.

7. You may experience discomfort for the first few days

Each new aligner you wear will cause some minor discomfort at first. This discomfort should only last for a few days, until each new aligner has begun to move your teeth in the preprogrammed direction.

If you are considering undergoing Invisalign treatment, remember to keep these things in mind. And if in doubt, ask your orthodontist for some additional tips to help you adjust to your Invisalign treatment.  


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