Flexible denture advantages [Flexite VS Valplast]

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Flexible denture advantages [ Flexite VS Valplast ]

The new generation of flexible dentures brought so many new improvements to make dentures more comfortable and natural.

 Super flexible nylon was invented in the United States in 1954, after 10 years of research.

The old generation of dentures are too hard and less flexible, they put much pressure on your teeth and damage your gum tissue, and the hideous metal hooks make them aesthetically inacceptable . 


The new flexible dentures are lighter, flexible and almost unbreakable. The hooks are totally invisible, with a large color choice that is more natural and durable. The allergic reaction that was found in the old acrylic resin dentures disappears with the nylon based new generation of dentures.

flexible dentures are made by 3 main names : VALPLAST© , FLEXITE© , BIOPLAST©

Flexite VS Valplast


Features of  Valplast dentures:

Valplast flexible dentures are made of  nylon based materials which make them: 

  • Non allergic / Biocompatible 
  • Very flexible 
  • More aesthetic 
  • Almost Unbreakable 
  • Less traumatic 
  • Larger color choice 
  • Light weight
  • Totally invisible hooks 
  • Life time warranty for breaks and fractures
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Features of Flexite dentures:

Flexite denture is : 

  • made from a thermoplastic nylon resin that is ultra thin
  • Very Flexible
  • more comfortable for chewing and speaking
  • Flexite dentures are stain-resistant
  • biocompatible material.
  • excellent transitional restoration during implant healing period
  • no clasp is needed


Advantages of flexible dentures:

-The flexibility of these dentures makes it unnecessary to attach unsightly metal hooks to it. The metal hooks are substituted with aesthetic invisible nylon attachments.



-The whole denture is made out of one material which makes it more stable and more adapted to the dental arch.


-Flexible dentures like Valplast and flexite are so light that you can’t feel their weight in the mouth, which makes you adapt  to the denture faster and also allows you to speak normally without a change of your natural voice tone. 


Old resin dentures didn’t have many color choices and these colors disappear slowly. New Valplast and Flexite dentures give a much larger and more natural color choices that last longer.


-The new generation of dentures is 2 times thinner than before, old acrylic dentures were 5mm thick compared to 2mm for flexible resin.


-Valplast and Flexite dentures are almost invisible and translucid. 


-The nylon based material in flexible dentures is not allergic at all.


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With the new features, they are not only  indicated as  partial or total dentures, they can also be used instead of bridges and implants, temporarily or permanently, they give great results for a lower cost.

If your old dentures feel heavy, damage your gum, are not aesthetic, they break easily or cause you allergies, you should change to flexible dentures like Valplast or Flexite.


Flexible Valplast VS Flexite dentures price and cost: 


The prices and costs change from one country to another and from one clinic to another, but generally, flexible dentures are about 35% more expensive, which is good for what they offer you.

The costs of flexible valplast and flexite dentures in; 

Cost of flexible dentures in USA ; between $700 and $3,000.

Cost of flexible dentures in UK: between £400 and £2000.

Cost of flexible dentures in Australia: $900 and $3,870.

Feedback and opinion about  flexible dentures: 

i made so many flexible dentures and neither me nor my patients have ever had any problems with it, except for the fact that Flexite and Valplast partial problem is that they are hard to be polished and impossible to in relining, but this is a very small disadvantage. 

Our patients were very satisfied with the results even after a long time, which is why i decided to present to you this new generation of dentures.


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