How to prevent and treat teeth decay

 Teeth decay : What is it and how to prevent it and treat it?

How to prevent and treat teeth decay

What is tooth decay? 

Decay or dental cavities are a result of the breakdown of tooth components due to acids made by mouth bacteria. 
Food leftovers that aren’t brushed, stick to teeth and form what is called dental plaque. The bacteria in our mouth eats from this plaque that is high in sugar and transforms it to acids. The crown of the teeth is made of a layer of enamel and  a dentine layer underneath. These teeth components are highly sensitive to acids and are easily damaged by it. This damage appears as small cavities and holes colored brown or black.

How to prevent and treat teeth decay
Components of a healthy tooth

Tooth decay pain 

Decayed teeth hurt because the damage of the enamel
and dentine structures makes the pulp of the tooth less
protected and therefor more sensitive.
Each tooth has a pulp which contains blood vessels and nerves that give nutrition and sensitivity to it.

If teeth decay is not treated early, the bacteria can damage all tooth structure and reach the roots and the bone of the tooth which can cause dental abcess and severe infections. 

How to prevent teeth decay?

As we explained earlier, teeth decay comes from the acids that are produced by bacteria after eating food residues that stick on the teeth. So we can  simply protect our teeth by never letting food residues stick on the teeth for long; brushing your teeth regularly cleans all teeth surfaces and also makes them even stronger, which is why we recommend you to use tooth paste that contains a good amount of Fluorine.
We also recommend you to brush your teeth just 3 times a day and not more than 2 minutes, using a good quality tooth brush to not damage your gum. 

How to treat tooth decay?

If you already have tooth decay, do not worry. Depending on the depth of the tooth cavity, your dentist will choose the best treatment for you after removing the decay. 
If the cavity is just on the surface then a simple dental filling can be enough, and if it’s deeper, then a root canal and crown may be be necessary. 


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