Food to eat after a tooth extraction



Food to eat after a tooth extraction

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Whether you had done the removal of a wisdom tooth, teeth roots, decayed tooth, or an orthodontic teeth extraction, you will probably be wondering about when you can start eating again after your teeth extraction and what exactly to eat after teeth removal. 


Teeth extraction is surely an unpleasant experience, during or after the procedure. 

After the extraction, you might have a little blood coming out of the wound in the hours afterwards, also your gums will be very tender and your tongue will feel the extraction socket hole for a few weeks. This situation makes many patients anxious and frightened to do something wrong.

Teeth removal is considered a minor surgery and you should take some precautions in order to help your wound heal fast and correctly. 

When can you eat again after teeth extraction? 


Right after your dentist finishes his work, he will put a sterile compress on your  wound and ask you to bite on it for  a couple hours. The compress is to stop the blood coming out of the wound, so in that entire period, do not remove it and keep biting on it.

After you remove the compress, you might perceive that your tongue or lips are still a little numb and it is completely normal for the next 4 to 8 hours. Now, if you eat with numb lips and tongue, be very careful to not bite on them! 

 In general, you are allowed to eat:

✓ After biting on the compress for a couple hours.

✓ After your lips and tongue are not too numb.


What can you eat after a tooth extraction?


In the first days after tooth removal, your gum will be very tender and the tooth socket will be open. So you need to eat only soft food to avoid socket pain and inflammation. Hard and sticky food will press a lot on the wound and food will enter the socket. 

Let’s not forget that after tooth extraction, your body will need nutritional and healthy food to heal faster and give you back your usual energy.

Do not worry, there are plenty of yummy choices.

Waiter, bring the menu!

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